We are Lorraine and Steve Nolan.  We live here in Clouds with our son Archie and a growing menagerie of animals. We generate some of our own electricity through solar panels on our land and our hot water is provided by an air source heat pump.  We are joined by 'Louis', our 13 year old border terrier, our hens ('Danny', 'Beano', 'Dandy', 'Poppy' and 'Mabel') and sheep ('Teeny', 'Freckles' and, inevitably, 'Sheepy-Sheep').   

We love living on The Isle of Skye - It's impossible to go half an hour in any direction without being enthralled by the nature that surrounds us.  It can get a little wild here at times but that all adds to the adventure that is Life on Skye. We look forward to meeting you and hope you love spending time on Skye too and enjoy your stay at Clouds.

Lorraine, Steve and Archie