We are Lorraine and Steve Nolan.  We live here in Clouds with our son Archie, our young puppy Chloe and a various menagerie of animals. We grow our own vegetables with varying degrees of success, we generate some of our own electricity through solar panels on our land and our hot water is provided by an air source heat pump.  We’ve started to actively reduce the amount of plastic we use and offer to our guests by providing filtered water in glass containers, rather than in plastic bottles. Last year we lost our beloved dog 'Louis', our 14 year old border terrier, but we still feel he's here with us, raising our spirits and being the lovable pest he always was.  We do still have a couple of hens ('Poppy' and ‘Beano’) and we’ll be getting a few more this Spring (Name suggestions are welcome!). We’ll also be replenishing our sheep stock and maybe some goats. (Our previous hairy sheep pets 'Freckles' and, inevitably, 'Sheepy-Sheep' have been released into the hills for their retirement - we still see them now and again).  Archie wants a Llama soon too - This is not going to happen.  

We love living on The Isle of Skye - It's impossible to go half an hour in any direction without being enthralled by the nature that surrounds us.  It can get a little wild here at times but that all adds to the adventure that is life up here. We look forward to meeting you, hope you love spending time on Skye too and that you enjoy your stay at Clouds.

Finally, you won't find us on popular travel booking websites such as Airbnb, Trivago or Booking.com - All of these companies and others, are perfectly fine, and we appreciate that they are great for travellers - but we don't really believe in rating our guests with a score, and we guarantee we will do our absolute best to make you feel comfortable and welcome at Clouds, so if you have any issues at all, or would like any advice, no matter how small your enquiry, or at any time of the day - please just ask at any time and we'll try to help.

Lorraine, Steve, Archie, Chloe …. and Louis. Always Louis.  Love you, pesky dog.